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Our Annual Benefit

The Eldridge Benefit Team consist of motorcycle and antique car enthusiasts from Northeast Mississippi and Northwest Alabama joining hands with the community to lend support in financial aid and awareness of the Eldridge Children's Home in Eldridge Alabama. Since 1948, this home has given a home to children in all age groups without support from state or federal money. Most support is from the home based church with many other churches, civil groups and volunteers lending a hand both in services and financial support.

This is not your ordinary Toy Run. We suggest gift cards and donations to the home to sustain the home the entire year. We do present gifts to all the children from their own Christmas "wish list".

Riders from the entire Southeast USA arrive from all directions on the first Saturday in December, hence The First Saturday in December--all roads lead to Eldridge.

Rain or shine, hot or cold the event will happen so prepare to join us for a day for the kids. This benefit on site enables you to see where and how your donations are used.

Join us, bring your riding group. We guarantee you will leave with a warm heart for your ride home.

The Benefit Team